Vision & Mission



Angel Xpress believes that an involved, educated adult can lead a child to discovering his or her own true potential and every child deserves that opportunity

Children from financially challenged backgrounds often lack this kind of attention and care. We want to provide this missing link in the life of each underprivileged child that comes to us. We seek to do this for first-gen learners by bringing in committed adults who will not just volunteer as teachers, but also participate as mentors and guides. We want every Angel Xpress child to grow up into a confident, successful and responsible human being.


We want to impact every segment of society positively:

  • By infusing in the children a love for learning coupled with a desire to excel and be at the best of their abilities
  • By teaming up with committed teachers who also act as loving, enthusiastic foster parents
  • By translating wishes into vision, and letting empathetic adults fulfil their desire of contributing to society – even if it is just for an hour, everyday
  • By ensuring transparent and honest use of donors’ money so that they know exactly how it is being channelized, at any given point of time