At the “Center” of Good Thing – May 2016 Newsletter


Angel Xpress Foundation started with a small dream and big determination to provide every underprivileged child with an opportunity to grow, to succeed. With over 10 centers across Mumbai, we are happy that we are well on our way to see that dream be fulfilled.

We’ve Been Growing!

Colaba Centre is up and running
For over two years Ruchita Kenia hd been associated with AXF, arranging outings for kids in association with Cathedral School. One day after atttending a workshop for AXF volunteers by transformation leader Prasad Karmarkar at the Spiritual Company, she took the plunge to change not just her life, but that of many kids in the Colaba area. Thus, the idea of a center in Colaba was born.

Another crusader is Mr Indriyajit Sethi from Union Park, who over the years has offered his office spaces to us. Now, he has procured permission for the Colaba Centre and a large number of volunteers from the Tata Group, which he is part of.

Thanks to both of them, we now have a covered centre opposite the Sai Baba temple at the entrance to Shiv Shakti Nagar near Badhwaar Park.

This centre is also grateful for the support extended by Cathedral School students, teachers and parent bodies as volunteers and contributors.

The Summer Camp at this centre was a blast, as it launched with a story telling session by Purvi Parikh that was followed by an art and craft activity. Aditi and Mehr, along with a team of 8 kids from Cathedral School were a huge help.

Everything came together beautifully!

may16-05We’ve Spread Our Wings Till Powai!

We opened our new center in Powai – in the premises of Sai Baba Temple in Saigalwadi, near Hiranandani Hospital. It opened with an exciting Summer Camp that has already become a super success, going from 17 kids to 70 registrations in just a week.

We tip our hat to Powai resident Suman Basu, who made it all happen, from getting the permission for the space to getting the kids together. We are also happy to welcome the wonderful ladies from the neighborhood who conducted countless activities to make the 10-day summery camp fun-tastic.



Happy Birthday to Us!

May 1st marked the beginning of our 5th year. What started out with baby steps has now become a happy, thriving family. With this, our flagship center at the Bandra Bandstand promenade also completes its 4th year.


In The News

We’ve been smiling ear-to-ear with all the love that’s been showered on us by the media in the last few days.

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