Month of Grace – February 2015 Newsletter


Feb15_01dayofgraceDay of Grace

Since the unfolding of events in January 2012 that led to the birth of Angel Xpress Foundation, this is the time of the year when we celebrate another year of doing good!
Communities in Mumbai are awakening to how easy and rewarding it is to do good work for society. We’ve seen lives change in front of our eyes, volunteers feel rewarded when children greet them with warm smiles, hugs and confidences. Today over 150 Mumbaikars connect to the lesser privileged in their communities through our centers and provide daily lessons to 800+ children across 6 locations. The baton of humanity has been picked up by our Center Heads to share and inspire others to do wonderful things, for children who finally learning and daring to dream.



Wisdom onFeb15_02Mukhija Board

Mr. Ramnath Mukhija,71, will take his relationship with Angel Xpress Foundation a step further and will join us as a member of our board. It is a proud moment for us that he has chosen to repose his faith in our enterprise. Mr Mukhija’s experience with Corporate Sustainability Programs will be of invaluable help to us as we chart our course; we look forward to his guidance on our journey ahead.

About Mr. Mukhija: An Electrical Engineer from IIT Kharagpur, he was conferred with the prestigious “Distinguished Alumnus” of IIT award. He has also completed his 2-Tier Top Management program at IIM-A and attended “The Global Program for Management Development” conducted by University of Michigan Business School, USA.
After graduation, Mr. Mukhija joined Larsen & Toubro Limited and was with the firm for 49 yrs. Mr. Mukhija gathered considerable expertise during his tenure in L&T and was elevated to the post of President Operations & Member of the Board in 2001. As a Board Member his main assignment was to look after L&T’s Electrical & Automation business. He was also on the Board of Subsidiary and Associate Companies of L&T, including L&T Infotech Limited and L&T (Wuxi) Electric Company Limited, China. Post his retirement from L&T Board in October 2010, he continued his association with L&T as an Advisor to the Group Executive Chairman till April 2014, where he was in-charge of Domestic Marketing Network, Sustainability Reporting Initiatives and Medical, Healthcare & Welfare departments for employees of L&T. He was also responsible for Corporate Industrial Relations for L&T and L&T Corporate Infrastructure, including Management of the Powai Campus. He was also on the Board of L&T Realty.

Mr. Mukhija has been associated with several industry & social bodies and was the President of Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) in 2002-03. He was also the Chairman of ELECRAMA 2002 Organizing Committee. He is Non-Executive Chairman of Electrical & Automation Independent Company of L&T.
Thank You Debika Mukhija Ajmani for introducing him to us.




Sometime in 2013 Mayank stumbled upon the AXF center while walking on the Bandstand Promenade; he signed up to teach English to our kids. Soon after Day of Grace 2014, he had completed his course and had to move back to his home town in Udaipur. However that his heart was still here was visible from his continued activity on the center’s Whatsapp group even after he had left the city. Before leaving Mumbai, he had made a promise that he would come back for Day of Grace and sure enough he caught the train to arrive on the 26th of Jan to take the kids through the final dance moves and to take over as host for the evening, a job he did exceedingly well. Kudos to the dedication of our volunteers!.



Creating Feb15_04Creating FuturesFutures

Primarily a volunteering program whence we work with primary school children to help create a rock solid foundation so they can dream of and work towards a better future, we eventually plan to tie up with organizations working with older children both in the academic and in the vocational field. Since passing of class X is key, we have started looking around for sponsors for professional tutoring for our bunch of students moving from Class IX to Class X this year. Even before this happens however we have discovered that we may have already helped a few find their future potential employment.
Four girls from Class 9 at the Santacruz center who have demonstrated exceptional capability in art have been given full scholarship for a professional art course at Artistic Impressions founded by Hansa Jessani. Mrs Jessani also promises job opportunities as art teachers for the girls. A big thank you for giving wings to our fledglings who will have an opportunity to create livelihood from a god given skill.