CAS/SUPW Programs

With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becoming a buzz word, the idea of taking up and fostering social responsibility is a subject that is gradually gaining importance in most schools catering to the affluent in Mumbai. What better way for a school to do CSR than to promote literacy for the underprivileged.

At AXF we are keen to provide an opportunity to school children from the more privileged backgrounds to become “buddies” of their less privileged peer. The aim is to create a two way learning and sensitization experience. Volunteering will provide insights to the buddies on some of the realities that India is grappling with and be part of the solution to bridge some of the gaps early on. Children will also learn critical skills in planning, negotiating and team building with groups that they may otherwise not be exposed to.

Many schools have made some hours of social engagement necessary for all children in secondary school. We have been approached by schools, students and their parents with requests for opportunities for impactful social work.

After witnessing the interaction between AXF and students from various institutions like JNS, Ecole Mondiale, National College, St Xaviers and NMIMS who have been regular contributors across AXF centers over the past years, we strongly feel the student community can contribute greatly to this cause and with CAS becoming an important element at international schools, with a little bit of commitment, the CAS hours can become more than student visits to NGOs, instead the school can use this opportunity to provide the benefits of regular mentoring to the underserved student population.

Over the last year we have interacted with various schools to offer several programs through which children can find opportunities for engagement.

Limited Engagement Plan: Low Impact Activity, for schools who are looking for once a week CAS activity for their students:

  1. Weekend volunteering at existing AXF centers. Students from Jamnabai Narsee School, Cathedral School, Bombay Scottish School among others are working at our centers.
  2. Bringing AXF students to your school once a week for preplanned activities supervised by your teachers. Ecole Mondiale hosts AXF Juhu kids twice a week at their school.

High Impact Plan for Schools willing to invest in sustained programs that make a deep impact through their CSR activities

  1. Host a learning center on school premises under the schools banner
  2. Deliver life changing impact through sustained engagement with a set of children over years
  3. Feel good factor for all engaged in supporting the program; the beneficiaries students from the community and their parents, the school parent body who can support the program as volunteers and donors, the teacher body who contribute to the program as trainers and coordinators and the school’s student body who gets a chance to share their good fortune and learn about being good human beings in the process.

Angel Xpress undertakes free consultation for interested schools by creating social engagement programs suited to their needs on lines of the AXF free learning center format

Billabong International School Malad was keen to provide an opportunity to their parent body and senior students to give back to the community and connected with AXF to collaborate for a learning center program from the school premises. AXF has trained and handheld the parent body into starting this program on the school premises. You can see visuals of this center here.

Should your school find interest in the proposal, we would be very happy to assist you with a plan that will work in line with your goals. Our services will include:

  • Helping in identifying and sourcing students from nearby slums/municipal schools
  • We will share an especially developed Curriculum and Assessment process and will undertake guidance and training of volunteers and teachers (teaching an underprivileged child is a different ball game from teaching affluent children and it will help to be prepared).
  • Systems and processes including impact measurement tools which will aid the running of the program
  • Inclusion in the AXF umbrella will help with PR and visibility on social media.