AXF does not have a revenue model, we need consistent donors to fund our work so we can continue our work year after year.

Supported by many individual supporters as well as corporate donors, we have come this far. We need continued support to run our programs and build our capacity to do better and to do more.

Sponsor a child: By sponsoring a child’s tuition @ Rs. 8500 per year per child (which amounts to a mere Rs. 708 a month), you will contribute towards our expenses that will allow us to progress as planned.

Sponsorship includes direct program expenses incurred in resource spend for the children, staff salaries of the center management teams and allocated expenses of central resources like trainers, coordinators, curriculum experts, account, media, management office etc.

Sponsor a snack – For just Rs. 1000/- you could sponsor a nutritious snack for a batch of 100 kids. You can even visit a center and feed the children something sumptuous on a special occasion.

Sponsor a fun activity: We provide exposure to children that can broaden their perspective and allow them to experience activities which every child should get a chance at. Our generous donors take our children to sponsored trips to movies, amusement parks, picnics etc.

Participate in our redistribution drives: If your child has grown out of his clothes, shoes, toys, bags and other essential items which are still in good condition, there are always kids at AXF who could do with a little more.

L&T, Welspun  Renewable Energy & hosting citizen groups currently cover sponsorship of 700 out of the 1000 children we are working with in our Learning Center Program under their CSR spend;  Voltas Ltd sponsors the In-school English program under which AXF provides daily English lessons to 2500 students inside municipal schools.

We need regular sponsors for expenses incurred for the additional 300 children.

For a spend of approximately Rs. 8500 per annum per child, AXF works to ensure the following is delivered to the beneficiaries

  • Year round tutoring & mentoring by well-educated adults, trained and handheld by the AXF team to execute the planned curriculum
  • Work books, stationary and study material as needed
  • A daily nutrition supplement (fruit or a snack)
  • Clothes, shoes, toys, bags and other essential items sourced through regular redistribution drives
  • Fun and educational trips to movies, museum visits, play dates
  • Recycled learning opportunities through interactive opportunities with children from affluent schools
  • Engagement opportunities with corporate employees and site visits to help increase all around exposure and grooming
  • Talent enhancement opportunities through extracurricular classes. Treats emerging from celebrations which are encouraged across AXF centers
  • Medical and dental health checkups and treatment opportunities as well as counseling sessions covering a variety of issues

How is 8500 spent at AXF?

2,850.00                          educational material, uniform food & outings

3,440.00                          salaries for center management team, teaching resources &volunteer training

2289.00                          central support salaries & other office expenses

8,579.00                          Total


Activities of the center management team consist of day to day management of center, implementing assessments, gathering data, grouping, allocating groups to volunteers, preparing reports on activities and assessment results, handling calls from aspiring volunteers and donors, coordinating and advising on course of action for supporters, managing distribution of the donation in kind for food/clothes/shoes etc that comes in, scheduling extra curricular activities for weekends, scheduling celebrations and events at the center by donors and supporters as well as managing scheduled outings for the children.

Most centers also employ some teachers on rolls depending on availability of volunteers to provide stability to the center and to make up for absenteeism or shortfall of volunteers.

The center management team is employed in most AXF managed centers, in community initiated/managed centers like Sewri and Malad, the center management team consists entirely of volunteers.

Activities of the central support team include identifying ideal public spaces like covered spots in parks, coordinating with BMC and other authorities to procure permissions, initiating registration of  beneficiary children, recruitment of volunteers,  appointing teams for running centers, pedagogy including development of curriculum, lesson plans, training of volunteers, assessments, gathering data for Monitoring, Evaluation and reporting to funding agencies and public at large through mid and annual activity reports, creating visibility through website, print and social media through planned PR activities in order to constantly recruit new volunteers and supporters for the project. Collaborations and tie ups with donors and corporate houses that approach us for activities at our centers for employee engagement, initiate and manage redistribution drives for clothes, shoes, toys and year round multiple exposure visits to address deprivation for children, ensure PR and collaborations to ensure success for the same.

Other activities at the organization level including coordinating for logistics and accounts for centers, collating and filing of central accounts, managing legal, secretarial and other aspects of finance & reporting to authorities, planning expansion; meeting with corporate houses, community groups and schools to market the Angel Xpress format and once converted provide free consultation for franchised centers, budgeting and applying to the retail donors, CSR wings of corporate houses and making detailed applications to funding agencies for the purpose of fund raising to meet the planned expenditure.