Start a Center


Love what we do but don’t have an AXF center near you? We will help you set one up!

  • You could be a group of ladies who yearn to do something meaningful with your time.
  • You could be a corporate serious about employee volunteering
  • You could be a school catering to the affluent looking for meaningful CAS/SUPW opportunities for your students.

We will help you design your own program for free!

To initiate a community learning center to bring lasting change in the lives of the not so privileged children in a neighborhood, all that is required is

  • A shaded garden, a stilt parking space or a community hall walking distance from a slum or a municipal school whence classes can be conducted.
  • 12 to 15 educated adults willing to contribute a couple of hours a week (stay at home mums/able bodied retired of a community)
  • 2 to 3 people willing to take charge of the project

Important details about the AXF Learning center program: This program enables utilization of freely available resources in society for social good.

  • Utilizes the ability and time of the educated affluent segment of the society for tutoring and mentoring of school going kids from slums in convenient spots in their own neighborhood
  • Uses freely available public spaces like parks, promenades and community halls to create classrooms.

In addition AXF gathers donations and resources to provide

  • A daily nutritious snack; curriculum, stationary & study material & uniform for the children
  • Curriculum and assessment plans, training as well as administrative support to aid volunteers
  • Ties up with citizen groups to ensure fun and educational trips to movies, circus, play dates, museums, amusement parks, opportunities for talent enhancement through art, craft, dance music classes; health & dental checkups and counseling sessions.
  • Facilitates birthday celebrations by donors to ensure regular treats for our children.
  • Engages in redistribution drives to procure clothes, shoes, toys and other essential items so deprivation is addressed at multiple levels.

Outcomes achieved:

  • Facilitating students to learn & apply skills in real life to achieve stability in their future.
  • Inject better values and upbringing inspiring them to act more responsibly in society.
  • Enhance childhood experience
  • Bring the privileged and underprivileged to work together, to reduce the social divide
  • Promote optimal use of resources through redistribution drives
  • Special focus on nurturing ambition in girls and inculcating the notion of gender equality in boys


Write to us at or call Anubha Sharma at 9930070086 to discuss the center in your community.