Leaping to Opportunity

When Kangaroo Kids willingly came forward to showcase our cause to parents and gave us access to its mothers they opened us to up to a whole new possibility. Our children have been invited time and again to perform at the school events. Through its enterprising founder Lina Ashar and her team including the passionate Divya Punjabi, Head of Education Development, the school lends active support with our pedagogy and curriculum development

About Lina Ashar, Founder of Kangaroo Kids Preschool & Billabong High International School – Our Advisory Board Member

Lina’s journey from one Kangaroo Kids Pre-school to 69 schools (55 Kangaroo Kids + 14 Billabong High International Schools) across 24 different cities in India, Dubai and Maldives is an inspiration for us. We seek to leverage her unique approach, injection of potent solutions and radical processes towards better education. At Angel Xpress, Lina brings educational knowhow and provides access to Kangaroo kids moms, 60% of who are highly qualified women who have chosen to stay at home to look after their own children but a large number are keen to make a larger difference to  society.