Of all underprivileged children that attend school, literacy escapes 50%.

Quality education and literacy is poised to enhance Mumbai’s economic growth and create positive social outcomes. Yet the city poses unique challenges to delivering quality education to the urban poor:


4.5 lac marginalized children attend Mumbai’s Municipal schools, but…: Read extracts from a Dasra report

So where do we fit in?

In a scenario like this, the need for remedial education as offered by Angel Xpress Foundation will continue to stay relevant for a long time to come. With an intent to create acceptance of underprivileged children as a part of society, we are organizing street schools in public places in affluent areas of the city. We seek to conquer mindsets that work against closed spaces and create a sense of freedom, openness and change reminiscent of our rich Gurukul era.

We are creating opportunities and efficiencies in the system

We target one of the most underutilized resources in the country to make our dream possible:

  • educated home-makers
  • able-bodied retired elderly
  • youth from schools and colleges

We believe it is easier for them to earmark 2-3 hours / week and contribute towards a cause that can make a difference.

Role of mothers: When Lina Ashar, Head, Kangaroo Kids willingly came forward and gave us access to its moms, she opened us to up to a whole new possibility. Mothers from Beenaa Advani’s Euro Kids contacts followed suit and so did Jamnabai moms.

Stay-at-home mothers in Mumbai have shown us that they care about the future of children beyond their own. Highly qualified and talented, they choose to stay at home for their children: but have a great deal of patience and love to tutor children. They also nurture a desire to give back and make a difference, and Angel Xpress is a perfect platform for them. Parents have also come forward to celebrate special occasions with our kids, with special initiative to sponsor days like Diwali and Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc.